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Ikoi Hiroe

Ikoi Hiroe

·4.07·7,256 Ratings
“ How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ” ― Anne Frank
Authors' Books
  • Vampire Game, Vol. 14 (Vampire Game, #14)

    ·4.14·388 Ratings
    The pieces are in place as the players ready themselves for their final moves in the no-limit game. At stake: the throne of Pheliosta and the livelihood of our favorite princess, Ishtar. But Illsaid is questioning his loyalties toward Falan! He's strong e
  • Vampire Game, Vol. 3 (Vampire Game, #3)

    ·4.1·618 Ratings
    Blades meet and blood spills in the most exciting volume of Vampire Game yet! The La Naan Martial Arts Tournament is underway, and with the throne of Pheliosta at stake, competition is fierce. Among the finalists are the three princes of La Naan, Darres,
  • Vampire Game, Volume 01

    ·3.97·2,514 Ratings
    One Century ago the king of Saint Pheliosta, and the Vampire King, Duzell, had a monumental duel. Duzell was defeated and cursed Phelios that they would fight again in their next re-incarnation, a century later. 99 and 1/2 years later, Duzell has been reb
  • Vampire Game, Vol. 12 (Vampire Game, #12)

    ·4.12·400 Ratings
    Rishas, Duzell's former lover and companion, has been reincarnated as Lailis, the Queen of Lodoc. Lailis confesses that she was reincarnated to find Duzell and serve him once again. However, seeing Duzell's love for Ishtar, she is bitterly disappointed. M
  • Vampire Game, Vol. 2 (Vampire Game, #2)

    ·4.08·696 Ratings
    The vampire game unfolds as Ishtar and Duzell journey to La Naan, accompanied by Ishtar's increasingly frustrated protector Darres. It's festival time in La Naan, as the kingdom's famous martial arts competition kicks off. Among the competitors are three
  • Vampire Game, Vol. 4 (Vampire Game, #4)

    ·4.11·635 Ratings
    In order to collect the keys to the kingdom, Prince Seiliez must defeat Princess Ishtar in the final battle of the La Naan Martial Arts Tournament. With Duzell preoccupied in getting back to nature, things are not looking so good for the princess. Her fig
  • Vampire Game, Vol. 6 (Vampire Game, #6)

    ·4.12·520 Ratings
    When the disguised Duzell and Ishtar visit the kingdom of Ci Xeneth and discover an unusual collection of love affairs, plots for war, hidden identities and the inhumane treatment of monsters, they must temporarily put aside their mission to find Phelios.
  • Vampire Game, Vol. 13 (Vampire Game, #13)

    ·4.11·388 Ratings
    The danger and drama come to a head as Duzell and Ishtar escape from Mil Seii, in this breathtaking climax of their darkest and most exciting adventure yet! Will the villainous Lassen and his evil cohorts Sharlen and Hume succeed in their quest to usurp t
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Vol. 19 (Negima! Magister Negi Magi, #19)

    ·4.25·471 Ratings
    WIN OR DIE!It’s summer break–a time when most kids are getting ready for a vacation full of fun and friends. But not Asuna. She’s prepping for the challenge of her life. She’s started a new school club that’s devoted to helping Negi find his fat
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