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Graham Joyce

Graham Joyce

·3.64·26,068 Ratings
“ I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do. ” ― Jana Stanfield
Authors' Books
  • The Limits of Enchantment

    ·3.82·646 Ratings
    Everything Fern Cullen knows she's learned from her Mammy -- and none of it's conventional. Taught midwifery at an early age, Fern grows up as Mammy's trusted assistant in a small English village and learns through experience that secrets are precious, me
  • Smoking Poppy

    ·3.88·478 Ratings
    Graham Joyce travels to an enthralling, suspense-charged landscape in this hallucinatory novel of a father's quest to save his daughter -- without destroying himself. Dan Innes has received shattering news from the British Embassy in Bangkok: his daughte
  • T.W.O.C.

    ·3.66·109 Ratings
  • The Facts of Life

    ·3.89·723 Ratings
  • Requiem

    ·3.62·482 Ratings
    SACRED MYSTERIESFollowing the death of his wife, Tom Webster travels to Jerusalem in search of a friend from his college days. But the haunted city, divided by warring religious groups, offers him no refuge from guilt and grief.As he wanders through the s
  • Dark Sister

    ·3.69·832 Ratings
    Maggie and Alex have their problems. their old, drafty house, for one thing. Their stressed-out marriage, for another.Then one day, uncovering and cleaning the house's original fireplace, they discover a dead blackbird...and an old handwritten diary full
  • The Stormwatcher

    ·3.69·151 Ratings
    "Of those writers who stoically refuse to trudge along horror fiction's well-worn path, Joyce, with British Fantasy Awards to his credit for Requiem and The Tooth Fairy, has perhaps had the most success. And now we can add to that list The Stormwatcher...
  • Indigo

    ·3.33·441 Ratings
    Indigo is a color the human eye can never truly see, a slice of the spectrum imbued with the promise of invisibility. But in the dark world occupied by Jack Chambers' father, indigo will also lead to places of unknown treachery, and ultimately, to madness
  • Dreamside

    ·3.63·422 Ratings
    Finally available in America: the debut novel from the author of The Tooth Fairy and Dark Sister It began as an experiment in college--a seemingly harmless investigation into "lucid dreaming," the ability to control one's dreams.But they stayed too long o
  • Best New Horror 14 (The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, #14)

    ·3.77·131 Ratings
    The fourteenth volume in this series is going strong, and with another generous sampling of the past year's best horror fiction, it again earns "merits" from Publishers Weekly. With contributions from such favorites as Ramsey Campbell and Kim Newman, alon
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