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Franz Kafka's The Castle (Dramatization)

Franz Kafka's The Castle (Dramatization)

2003 ·
·4.09·25,177 Ratings ·59 Pages
“ Nothing in nature is unbeautiful. ” ― Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Authors' Books
  • Diaries, 1910-1923

    ·4.23·1,993 Ratings
    These diaries cover the years 1910 to 1923, the year before Kafka’s death at the age of forty. They provide a penetrating look into life in Prague and into Kafka’s accounts of his dreams, his feelings for the father he worshipped and the woman he coul
  • Blue Octavo Notebooks

    ·4.16·628 Ratings
    From late 1917 until June 1919, Franz Kafka ceased to keep a diary, for which he had used quarto-size notebooks, instead writing in a series of smaller, octavo-size notebooks. When Kafka's literary executor, Max Brod, published the diaries in 1948, he omi
  • The Brother Karamazov / The Idiot

    ·4.41·231 Ratings
    David Fishelson has transformed Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov and The Idiot into spellbinding drama that illuminates both titanic novels. The passionate Karamazov brothers spring to life, led by their roue of a father, who entertains himself by dri
  • Franz Kafka: a biography

    ·3.85·214 Ratings
    Max Brod, a successful novelist, was a boyhood companion of Kafka's and remained closely tied to him until Kafka's death in 1924. He was undoubtedly the one man whom Kafka trusted more than any other, and it is to Brod, as his literary executor and editor
  • The Great Wall of China and other Stories

    ·3.74·526 Ratings
    Drawing directly on original manuscripts, this collection comprises the major short stories published after Kafka’s death. It includes The Great Wall of China, Blumfeld, An Elderly Bachelor, Investigations of a Dog and his great sequences of aphorisms,
  • The Basic Kafka

    ·4.09·847 Ratings
    Published together for the first time are selections from all Kafka's writings: The Metamorphosis, Josephine The Singer, plus his short stories, parables, and his personal diaries and letters.
  • The Zürau Aphorisms

    ·3.78·599 Ratings
    The essential philosophical writings of one of the twentieth century’s most influential writers are now gathered into a single volume with an introduction and afterword by the celebrated writer and publisher Roberto Calasso. Illness set him free to writ
  • Contemplation

    ·3.68·456 Ratings
    Kafka's first published book (1913), Contemplation is composed of eighteen "prose poems," displaying the full range of Kafka's compact metaphorical style. In this new translation, Kevin Blahut has been faithful to the original German while rendering it in
  • Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature

    ·4.18·1,165 Ratings
    In Kafka Deleuze and Guattari free their subject from his (mis)interpreters. In contrast to traditional readings that see in Kafka's work a case of Oedipalized neurosis or a flight into transcendence, guilt, and subjectivity, Deleuze and Guattari make a c
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