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Elemental Magic (Moon #6.5; Rai-Kirah #0.5 )

Elemental Magic (Moon #6.5; Rai-Kirah #0.5 )

2007 ·
·3.29·562 Ratings ·384 Pages
“ Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • The Soul Weaver (The Bridge of D'arnath, #3)

    ·3.88·1,510 Ratings
    The evil Lords of Zhev'Na kept Gerick captive for months. Although his parents rescued him, he remains tormented by his experience-and mistrusted even by those who love him. Accused of treason, Gerick flees and takes refuge in a magical realm full of outc
  • Daughter of Ancients (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #4)

    ·3.89·1,294 Ratings
    In Avonar, Gerick investigates the ancient king D'Arnath's own daughter, held captive by the Lords of Zhev'Na for a thousand years-or so she claims. Entangled in bonds of love, family, and secrecy, Gerick unravels the mysteries of ancient kings, ancient e
  • Son of Avonar (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #1)

    ·3.76·2,796 Ratings
    Magic is forbidden throughout the Four Realms. For decades, sorcerers and those associating with them were hunted to near extinction.But Seri, a Leiran noblewoman living in exile, is no stranger to defying the unjust laws of her land. She is sheltering a
  • Guardians of the Keep (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #2)

    ·3.85·1,693 Ratings
    For ten years, the noblewoman Seriana lived in exile, believing her husband Karon was dead, executed for practicing sorcery. But now she learns his soul has been anchored to this world by magic. He has been restored to life-though his memories of Seri are
  • Song of the Beast

    ·4.03·1,956 Ratings
    Brutal imprisonment has broken Aidan McAllister. Once the most famous musician of his generation, celebrated as a man beloved of the gods, his voice is now silent, his hands ruined, his music that offered beauty and hope to war-torn Elyria destroyed. Even
  • Flesh and Spirit (Lighthouse, #1)

    ·3.88·2,729 Ratings
  • Revelation (Rai-Kirah, #2)

    ·3.96·3,538 Ratings
    Two years after his battle with the Lord of Demons, Seyonne is tired, troubled, angry, and frustrated. As Ezzaria's only remaining Warden, he carries the entire burden of the worsening demon war on his shoulders. But a demon encounter unlike any in Ezzari
  • Restoration (Rai-Kirah, #3)

    ·3.97·3,460 Ratings
    In the third Book of the Rai-kirah, Seyonne is besieged by doubt, madness, and visions that insist that he will destroy the world. Even his steadfast hope, that somehow Prince Aleksander is destined for greatness, seems doomed. For a royal murder sends Al
  • Breath and Bone (Lighthouse, #2)

    ·4.17·2,192 Ratings
    As the land of Navronne sinks deeper into civil war and perilous winter, everyone wants to get their hands on the rebellious sorcerer Valen -a murderous priestess, a prince who steals dead men's eyes, and even the Danae guardians, whose magic nurtures the
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