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Doctor Who: A Celebration: Two Decades Through Time and Space

Doctor Who: A Celebration: Two Decades Through Time and Space

1983 ·
·4.12·176 Ratings ·0 Pages
“ When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. ” ― Dalai Lama
Authors' Books
  • Doctor Who and the Giant Robot

    ·3.53·193 Ratings
    'Look, Brigadier! It's growing!' screamed Sarah. The Brigadier stared in amazement as the Robot began to grow... and grow... swelling to the size of a giant! Slowly the metal colossus, casting its enormous shadow upon the surrounding trees and buildings,
  • Doctor Who: Deadly Reunion

    ·3.24·72 Ratings
    The Doctor and Jo are caught up in mysterious events in a small English village. Sergeant Benton and Captain Yates are ready to rush to the rescue. A sinister cult holds unholy ceremonies and prepares for a day of reckoning. And the Doctor has a shrewd id
  • Doctor Who: The Two Doctors

    ·3.65·207 Ratings
    Disturbed by the time travel experiments of the evil Dastari and Chessene, the Time Lords send the second Doctor and Jamie to investigate. Arriving on a station in deep space, they are attacked by a shock force of Sontarans and the Doctor is left for dead
  • Survivors

    ·3.66·469 Ratings
    A virus has wiped out 95 per cent of the world's population in just a few weeks, leaving the remaining five per cent to stay alive in a world devoid of the most basic amenities - electricity, transport and medicine. The few survivors of the human race are
  • Rebecca's World

    ·4.47·214 Ratings
    It was the eleventh day of the school holidays and Rebecca was bored. But events take a dramatic turn for the better (or worse) when she finds herself transported to a distant planet whose people are terrorized by jelly-like monsters called Ghosts. Rebecc
  • The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

    ·3.57·698 Ratings
    'Grotesque and depraved and above all very funny.' Ardal O'HanlonRobert Caligari is a thoroughly evil thirteen-year-old who gets his kicks from kicking pigs. Afer a humiliating episode with a bacon butty, Robert realizes just how much he loathes the human
  • Doctor Who: Island of Death

    ·3.06·85 Ratings
    Sarah Jane Smith and her friend Jamie Fitzoliver investigate a strange New Age cult. Business as usual for investigative journalists. But what is less usual is the demon-like creature the cultists worship. When the Doctor and UNIT arrive to investigate th
  • Doctor Who: The Paradise of Death

    ·3.1·84 Ratings
    "Apparently the thigh bone had been bitten clean through - with one snap of the teeth." "There isn't a creature on Earth capable of doing that!"After a skirmish with an alien warrior in the Middle Ages, Sarah Jane Smith's life as a journalist in Croydon s
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