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  • Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion

    420 Pages·2008·3.7 MB·7,283 Downloads
    rational choice theory of religion. This edited volume comes out of a special issue of the journal Critical Sociology(Vo  ...
  • Religion and Spirituality in Psychiatry

    386 Pages·2009·2.91 MB·5,040 Downloads
    Although medicine is practiced in a secular setting, religious and spiritual issues have .. ing patients from a bio-psy  ...
  • The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades

    229 Pages·2006·1.66 MB·2,938 Downloads·New!
    Robert_Spencer_Politically_Incorrect_Guide_To_Is(b-ok_org).pdf  ...
  • Jesus Calling: Seeking Peace in His Presence

    407 Pages·2012·6.95 MB·2,709 Downloads
    Sarah_Young_Jesus_Calling_Seeking_Peace_in_His_(zlibraryexau2g3p_onion).pdf Jesus Calling  ...
  • Religion, Globalization and Culture

    617 Pages·2008·3.9 MB·5,046 Downloads
    Michael Wilkinson. Religion and the State: The to secularity and back. This author has for a .. and propagation of cos  ...
  • Heaven and Hell: The Portable New Century Edition

    416 Pages·2011·1.2 MB·4,407 Downloads
    1. Heaven—Christianity. 2. Hell—Christianity. 3. Future life—Christianity—Early works to. 1800. I. Dole, George  ...
  • Allah The Concept of God in Islam

    162 Pages·2008·509 KB·5,039 Downloads
    Allah The Concept of God in Islam (a selection) Title Introduction Knowing Allah The Ninety Nine Attributes of Allah Uni  ...
  • Occult Principles of Health and Healing

    281 Pages·2013·1.33 MB·4,876 Downloads
    Occult Principles of Health and Healing BY MAX HEINDEL Ninth Edition The Rosicrucian Fellowship MT. ECCLESIA OCEANSIDE,  ...
  • Handbook of the Sociology of Religion - Yola

    500 Pages·2008·1.94 MB·4,355 Downloads
    HANDBOOK OF THE SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION Religion is a critical construct for understanding contemporary social life. It il  ...
  • Taliban: Islam, oil and the new great game in central Asia

    302 Pages·2011·2.93 MB·2,113 Downloads·New!
    Ahmed_Rashid_Taliban__Islam,_oil_and_the_new_gre(b-ok_org).pdf Prelim  ...
  • Concise Encyclopedia of Hinduism

    254 Pages·2003·4.71 MB·4,177 Downloads
    Preface. To write a concise encyclopedia of Hinduism is a daunting task con- . Hindu gods: the entire Himälaya, and sp  ...
  • The Origins of Christianity

    134 Pages·2007·460 KB·3,416 Downloads
    1 The Origins of Christianity by Revilo P. Oliver Professor of the Classics, Retired; University of Illinois, Urbana TAB  ...
  • The Holy Bible

    1,276 Pages·2016·8.69 MB·7,117 Downloads
    The HOLY BIBLE Containing the Old and New Testaments June 19, 2015 Edition Not copyrighted, and freely available from: h  ...
  • Religion explained

    385 Pages·2009·1.74 MB·2,086 Downloads
    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Boyer, Pascal. Religion explained: the evolutionary origins of reli  ...
  • Hinduism Mini Encyclopedia

    247 Pages·2011·1.45 MB·3,566 Downloads
    Shiva—The Mystic Divine of Meditation. 19.Sri Rama—The Lord of Propriety. 20. Conclusion—A Legacy for Hindu Yout  ...
  • A Companion Roman Religion - Spiritual Minds

    562 Pages·2008·5.22 MB·3,717 Downloads
    BLACKWELL COMPANIONS TO THE ANCIENT WORLD This series provides sophisticated and authoritative overviews of periods of a  ...
  • Don't Be Sad - The Islamic Bulletin

    476 Pages·2006·15.12 MB·2,384 Downloads
    1- Preaching - Islam I-Faisal ibn Muhammad Shafeeq (trans.) Il-Title .. books that English speaking Muslims will depend  ...
  • Islam and Modernity

    305 Pages·2012·1.28 MB·2,768 Downloads
    with the Copyright,. Designs and Patents Act 1988. Sufism, 'Popular' Islam and the Encounter with Modernity. 125. Mar  ...
  • The Sociology of Early Buddhism

    293 Pages·2008·2.77 MB·2,558 Downloads
    a strong urban environment, and draws out the implications of this. In spite of the India in such a way as to ensure t  ...
  • The Choice: Islam and Christianity

    258 Pages·2006·8.09 MB·3,435 Downloads
    Title: The Choice: Islam and Christianity Author: Ahmed Deedat Subject: The Choice: Islam and Christianity Keywords: The  ...
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