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  • Microstock Photography

    224 Pages·2008·19.43 MB·504 Downloads
    Microstock Photography. How to Make Money from Your Digital. Images. Douglas Freer Removing Copyright Symbols and Logo  ...
  • Between Stillness and Motion : Film, Photography, Algorithms

    245 Pages·2011·3.55 MB·418 Downloads
    talks into the night. Thank you also to the Society of Cinema and Media Studies for hosting several of the papers at th  ...
  • The Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts

    976 Pages·2011·3.67 MB·694 Downloads
    a catalogue record for this book is available from the British library. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication D  ...
  • Tendencies In Modern Egyptian Painting

    241 Pages·2010·15.5 MB·969 Downloads
    Svein A.H. Engelstad. TENDENCIES IN MODERN. EGYPTIAN PAINTING. Salah Enani: Artists and Authors fiom the Years of Enli  ...
  • Music, Philosophy And Modernity

    444 Pages·2007·1.77 MB·510 Downloads
    all who are interested in the relation between music and philosophy. andrew . Bayou Jazz Band in Berlin at that time ma  ...
  • Make Your Own Hot Process Soap Recipes

    25 Pages·2010·560 KB·845 Downloads
    DISCLAIMER AND TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT The author and publisher of this EBook and the accompanying materials have used th  ...
  • Music and the Making of Modern Science

    356 Pages·2014·6.72 MB·410 Downloads
    Based on these ancient models, the continuing structures of learning . Musical observations led to Descartes ' s initia  ...
  • The architecture of humanism

    296 Pages·2009·5.11 MB·460 Downloads
    S42 1914. The architecture of humanism; a study in be a lack of architectural taste : there is and the history of arc  ...
  • The Collector's Guide To Emerging Art Photography

    172 Pages·2008·7.16 MB·331 Downloads Carroll Gardens #13, 2007 .. Seoul, 135-788, South Korea. 82 11 744 The Pink Project - Seohyun and  ...
  • IATH Best Practices Guide to Digital Panoramic Photography

    148 Pages·2007·7.38 MB·573 Downloads
    IATH Best Practices Guide to Digital Panoramic Photography Edti E d by Sa r a h WE ll S, barry Gr o S S, Mci h a E l Gr  ...
  • Gemstone Jewelry

    28 Pages·2008·1.38 MB·617 Downloads
    In This Lesson: • Key Components • Gemstone Settings • Jewelry Forms and Styles • The Three Precious Metals •  ...
  • Art Architecture Thesaurus - The Getty

    228 Pages·2016·9.88 MB·945 Downloads
    photographic prints by process broader terms..albumen prints..crystalotypes ..hyalotypes Thesaurus: A semantic network  ...
  • Furniture, Decorative Arts, Jewelry & Timepieces Auction

    92 Pages·2012·5.15 MB·767 Downloads
    original box. Estimate: $500 / 700 3002 14K GOLD NECKLACE suspended from a 14k yellow gold fancy link chain forming a 1  ...
  • Underwater Photography

    76 Pages·2008·9.99 MB·492 Downloads
    Dec 1, 2008 Manual Exposure Mode which provides access complicated camera menus. Canon. EOS 5D. EOS 20D. EOS 30D EO  ...
  • Maintaining Your Home's Architectural Style

    47 Pages·2014·7.15 MB·218 Downloads
    Regent Square Civic Association. Home Improvement Workshop 2014. Exterior Restoration and Renovation: Maintaining Your.  ...
  • MATLAB Creating Graphical User Interfaces

    508 Pages·2016·6.32 MB·1,463 Downloads
    selectNew > Graphical User Interface. However you start GUIDE, it displays the GUIDE Quick Start dialog box shown in the  ...
  • Architecture and Urbanism in the Middle East

    84 Pages·2008·3.53 MB·234 Downloads
    Cairo's Plurality of Architectural Trends and the Continuous Search for an immutable expression of Arab-Muslim, includ  ...
  • Music: An Art and a Language

    393 Pages·2014·998 KB·875 Downloads
    a knowledge of musical grammar and structure does enable us, as the saying is, to get .. literature—had reached point  ...
  • Music In Education Unesco

    325 Pages·2005·17.31 MB·307 Downloads
    Individual and private music instruction in Japan, by Naohiro The music specialist in the schools of England, by J. W.  ...
  • Traditional Irish Music : a path to new music

    533 Pages·2011·11.52 MB·196 Downloads
    The dominance of aural learning in the dissemination of general understanding of traditional music ornamentation and p  ...
Practise mindful breaths. Use the four parts of the breath to bring you into the present. Inhale and bring everything in, then at the top of the breath with full lungs, consciously accept that it’s there. Then, as you exhale, let it all go until your lungs are completely empty of air. Before your next inhale, take a second to enjoy that everything is okay and you’re still you, regardless of what’s happening. The breath is very powerful in helping us think about what we’re taking in and what we’ll let go of.
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“ Be like the sun for grace and mercy. Be like the night to cover others' faults. Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage and anger. Be like the Earth for modesty. Appear as you are. Be as you appear. ” ― Rumi
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