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Barbara Michaels

Barbara Michaels

·3.78·45,370 Ratings
“ The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ” ― Rabindranath Tagore
Authors' Books
  • The Sea King's Daughter

    ·3.66·1,304 Ratings
    Since Sandy Frederick first set foot on the volcanic Greek isle of Thera, this breathtaking place of ancient myth and mystery has haunted her dreams. Joining her estranged, obsessed father on a dive to find astonishing secrets from the ocean's floor, she
  • Wings of the Falcon

    ·3.86·1,601 Ratings
    The death of her English father left Francesca alone and unprotected, with nowhere to turn but to the noble Italian family of her late mother. Adrift in a strange land, surrounded by cold and suspicious relatives who had disowned her mother on her wedding
  • The Walker in Shadows

    ·3.81·1,120 Ratings
    The house next door to Pat Robbins—eerily identical to the home Pat shares with her college-aged son, Mark—has been empty for years, the darkness within seeming to warn all to stay away. Now new tenants are moving in: affable Josef Friedrichs and his
  • The Master of Blacktower

    ·3.68·1,382 Ratings
    Damaris Gordon shuddered at the thought of working for the cruel and bitter Master of Blacktower—but her father's death left her no choice. Suddenly her fate—her life itself—was in the black silk-gloved hands of Gavin Hamilton, a man scarred and tor
  • Witch

    ·3.81·1,515 Ratings
    A silent stranger moves in twilight shadows...It was more than her dream house. For Ellen March, buying the secluded old house nestled in the pine woods marked the start of a new life. Now she could put her failed marriage behind her, enjoy the quiet soli
  • Here I Stay

    ·3.66·1,111 Ratings
    Andrea Torgesen is certain that hard work is exactly what her younger brother Jim needs to help him recover from the trauma of a serious car accident—and turning a decrepit old mansion into a beautiful country inn seems to be the perfect project. But un
  • Ammie, Come Home (Georgetown, #1)

    ·3.94·2,592 Ratings
    It begins as a lark -- a harmless diversion initiated by Washington, D.C., hostess Ruth Bennett as a means of entertaining her visiting niece, Sara. But the séance conducted in Ruth's elegant Georgetown home calls something back; something unwelcome ...
  • The Dark on the Other Side

    ·3.66·858 Ratings
    Everywhere she turns, Linda Randolph hears voices: from empty dark corners and lonely rooms. But it is the house itself that speaks the loudest, telling Linda to run for her life. Her husband, Gordon, the noted statesman and scholar, suggests she's losing
  • Into the Darkness

    ·3.9·1,686 Ratings
    Upon the death of her grandfather, Meg Venturi unexpectedly inherits the eccentric millionaires antique jewelry business. There is one catch to her sudden windfall - she must share the wealth with a taciturn and oddly attractive young man who has an entir
  • House of Many Shadows

    ·3.89·1,582 Ratings
    Meg Rittenhouse fears she is losing her mind. The doctors tell her the strange and disturbing hallucinations she's been experiencing ever since her accident are all in her head, and that, with a little rest, the haunting visions will vanish. But accepting
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