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Alicia Nordwell

Alicia Nordwell

·3.76·3,353 Ratings
“ Respond to every call that excites your spirit. ” ― Rumi
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  • Needing You

    ·3.61·305 Ratings
    Dear Author,He watched as the loud, aggressive red-head approached the blond boy on the dance floor. ‘Jake’ shook his head. The boy was just his type, but he’d found through the grapevine that the blond also came with a ton of baggage. Evidently the
  • When I Saw You

    ·3.55·141 Ratings
    Dear Author,Fuck! I can’t take my eyes off his butt.And I can’t put into words what I’d do with it, given a chance. Can you?Photo Description: He stands there, sleek, muscles rounded with that perfect, pale ass shining like a beacon, rubbing his han
  • Pricolici

    ·3.62·281 Ratings
    *New edition expanded by 22k and re-released* Tucker might be a submissive lupe, but he’s far from capable of keeping his mouth shut. Combine that with the fact that his pheromones have gone crazy since he first began shifting at twenty, and the last si
  • The Experiment (Saving Caeorleia #1)

    ·3.92·771 Ratings
    In the distant future, humans wage war against the alien planet Caeorleia, with no tactic off-limits if it will help the humans get their hands on Caeorleia’s resources. Ask Ryker. He thought he volunteered for a simple experiment that would help his go
  • Adverse Effects (Saving Caeorleia, #2)

    ·4.01·130 Ratings
    Dade, human-Caeorleian hybrid and ex-military grunt, doesn’t fit in—not with humans, not with aliens, not anywhere. He’s always on the outskirts, angry, and people aren’t sure they can trust him. When he encounters a compatible tziu named Yaseke,
  • Just One Bite: Volume Three (Just One Bite, #3)

    ·3.46·76 Ratings
    Have you ever wanted a sweet escape from reality...Ever dreamt about living forever or running through a field with a faery? Want to battle a baselisk or pilot a starship? Have you ever been visited by a ghost or looked at a cat and wondered if he was rea
  • Cataclysmic Evolution

    ·3.68·132 Ratings
    Barron's dad makes him toe the line, and to keep his friends, they do too. The new guy could never fit in... but Revi doesn't act like he even wants to, which drives Barron crazy. Life takes a drastic turn, and Revi Porter's long hair, soft lips, and aggr
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