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Alex Archer

Alex Archer

·3.77·22,550 Ratings
“ Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ” ― Unknown
Authors' Books
  • The Lost Scrolls (Rogue Angel, #6)

    ·3.66·748 Ratings
    Ancient papyrus scrolls recoveredamong the charred ruins of theLibrary of Alexandria revealastonishing texts that detail thewonders of Atlantis--knowledge thatcould shatter the blueprint of worldenergy. Archaeologist Annja Creedconfronts shadow figures de
  • The Chosen (Rogue Angel, #4)

    ·3.71·841 Ratings
    Archaeologist Annja Creed believes there's more to the apparitions of Santo Ni�o--the Holy Child--luring thousands of pilgrims to Santa Fe. Other sightings of strange and anomalous creatures in the area indicate a mystery more profane than sacred--with
  • Forbidden City (Rogue Angel, #5)

    ·3.83·804 Ratings
    A stunning artifact holds the key to an untapped power of global destruction-- While working on a dig in the California wilderness, archaeologist-adventurer Annja Creed uncovers evidence of a tragedy that's linked to Chinese miners during the days of the
  • Destiny (Rogue Angel, #1)

    ·3.69·1,896 Ratings
    An ancient order tied to the Vatican…A blood fortune buried in the caves of France…A conspiracy of power, greed and darkest evil…Archaeologist and explorer Annja Creed’s fascination with the myths and mysteries of the past leads her to a crypt in
  • Secret of the Slaves (Rogue Angel, #8)

    ·3.72·637 Ratings
    When archaeologist Annja Creed is hired to find the lost city of Promise in Brazil, she is more than intrigued. Legends abound of a magical place where slaves were rumored to have discovered the secret to eternal youth and life. But strangers are not welc
  • Serpent's Kiss (Rogue Angel, #10)

    ·3.82·576 Ratings
    Some say they are a cursed people. But those who try to find them will be just as unlucky... Working on a dig on the southern coast of India, the last thing Annja Creed expects is to be hit by a tsunami. Or to strike archaeological gold. But that's exactl
  • Treasure of Lima (Rogue Angel, #46)

    ·3.9·125 Ratings
    White beaches and coral reefs should be adventure-proof... For archaeologist and TV show host Annja Creed, a restful vacation in Costa Rica is as elusive as a rare artifact. Days into her sojourn, Annja's peace is interrupted by a woman with a mysterious
  • Bathed in Blood (Rogue Angel, #53)

    ·3.74·98 Ratings
    The quest for youth only leads to deathThe Blood Countess - Elizabeth Bathory, a true monster of history - is one of the most infamous serial killers. Said to have murdered 650 young women for their blood, she believed bathing in it would preserve her vit
  • Day of Atonement (Rogue Angel, #54)

    ·3.91·82 Ratings
    A reckoning that will destroy them allTrials, persecutions, false accusations, the Inquisition; for archaeologist and TV host Annja Creed, the current episode they're taping for her show is a fascinating one. But while Annja is filming the last segment in
  • The Devil's Chord (Rogue Angel, #49)

    ·3.87·111 Ratings
    Da Vinci's greatest and most dangerous legacy… In the midst of a lover's quarrel on a Venetian bridge, a pair of art thieves loses a priceless, stolen Lorraine cross to the canal's murky waters. Suspecting a connection between the cross, Joan of Arc and
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